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Galen & Paul

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Galen &  Paul

“A pop album that plays like a paean tohis enduring love of world music.”-Rolling Stone

After the bilingual charms, international genre-spanning adventures and picture postcard images of pan-Europeanculture of their debut album ‘Can We Do Tomorrow Another Day?’, Galen &  Paul now share the new EP ‘Uno Más’. It continues the vibrant connection established by the acclaimed solo artist and multi-instrumentalist Galen Ayers and Paul Simonon, the legendary bassist and occasional vocalist for The Clash.

Today also brings news that Galen & Paul will play two headline shows at London’s Bush Hallon April 24th and 25th. Arriving like an encore after the main set of the album, ‘Uno Más’ features four previously unreleased songs from the same recording sessions. They show the depth of the duo’s creativity, each song more than living up to the standard set by the album even if they didn’t make the final cut-clearly for reasons of simpleconciseness or flow rather than quality.

Galen says,“We were faced with the daunting task of selecting 10 songs for our first album, as there were 14 tracks thatwe both adored. It felt as challenging as being asked to decide on your final meal or pick your ultimate favourite band,both of which seem impossible to answer, at least in my opinion.This collection of songs resembles the various viewpoints one would see from different sides of a ship's portholes. Eachtrack offers a unique glimpse into alternative perspectives of a shared reality embarking on a journey forward.”Pauladds,“Speaking as an enthusiastic no-star chef I’m fully aware of the expression, ‘Too many cooks can spoil thebroth’... but in this case I would disagree. Like a musical paella, we created an albumof shared ingredients that wouldgrace any turn-table. Please enjoy this 4-track tapas from the Galen & Paul kitchen.”

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