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Vegan Junkies

Vegan Junkies

"Vegan Junkies - Deliciously Addictive Sloppy Joes and Loaded Nachos - Guilt Free Vegan Junk Food"

Offering Sloppy Joes as well as Loaded Nachos - each with a choice of 3 Toppings, plus 4 Side Dishes and also a variety of Extra Add Ons:


- Drunk on Whisky Jack (Jackfruit and Chickpeas soused in Whisky and Southern Spices)

- Smokin' Hot Chilli Bean (Minced Mushrooms and Beans fired with Chilli's and a rich Tomato Sauce)

- Southern Style Pulled "Pork" (Shredded Jackfruit in a Smokey BBQ Sauce)

Side Dishes:

- Corn 'Off' the Cob

- Homemade Slaw

- Homemade Guacamole

- Homemade Salsa

Extra & Add Ons:

- Sour Cream

- BBQ Sauce

- Chilli Sauce (Mild and Hot)

- Grated Cheese (Vegan obviously!)

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