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some of the finest cocktails known to humanity folks

Soulshakers live and breathe good ol’ southern style hospitality and have created some of the most renowned cocktails around. They have worked closely with the best American whiskey brands throughout the years and concocted some magic recipes for our good roosters.

On offer at our Moon Shine Bar and the Mississippi Swamp Shack are some of the finest cocktails known to humanity folks. You can kick back to some great music with virtually any Southern cocktail imaginable from Alabama Ice Teas to good ol’ Boiler Makers. Cast your peepers over the concoctions below and imagine yourself sipping one in the sunshine. Yes sir.

  • Louisiana Jam -  Southern Comfort shaken with organic apricot jam, mint and fresh lemon, served on crushed ice
  • Sazerac -  Bourbon, rye or Cognac stirred with aromatic bitters and citrus zest, with an Absinthe rinse
  • Alabama Iced Tea -  Rye whiskey, seasonal fruits, fresh lemon and our sweetened blend of Earl Grey and rare black teas, served very long on cubed ice
  • St Lawrence -  Bourbon and maple syrup shaken with fresh lemon and Angostura bitters, served on the rocks
  • Hillbilly Moonshine -  A secret blend of strong liquor, homemade syrups, fresh juices and trepidation, served long and strong
  • Hustler’s Hooch -  Our homemade spicy ginger beer, orange curacao, lime juice, aromatic bitters and a healthy slug of Bourbon
  • Pickle backs -  Rye whiskey served with a shot of pickle juice
  • JULEP -  Bourbon, swizzled with fresh mint, cane syrup, served long over crushed ice
  • Georgia Peach Julep -  Fresh Georgia Peach swizzled with fresh mint, lemon and peach brandy, served long over crushed ice
  • Whiskey Smash -  Bourbon shaken with mint, cane syrup and lemon wedges, served over crushed ice
  • Boiler Maker -  Bourbon served with an ice cold beer
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