Euston Hall, Euston, Suffolk IP24 2QW


Festival gates open at 4pm, june 7th. This is for our guests wishing to join us by purchasing a Friday night and Saturday ticket. On Friday night, our bars will be open, food on offer and swingin' DJ's will be getting the party starting.

Saturday morning kicks off with live music throughout the day and into the night. Guests can purchase a ticket for a lower price just to attend the Saturday.

8th June hosts Rural Pastimes, a country, game fair and farmers market, which is a £8 entry price if you purchase online as the same time as Red Rooster, or £10 payable on the door, for all you folk wishing to get a taste of Suffolk County and take some treats away with ya'.

Red Rooster

Welcome to Red Rooster, a good-time weekend of Rhythm and Blues in the heart of Suffolk County. We’re kind of particular about our music, which is why we’ve only got the finest R&B, Americana, Blues, Roots and Country musicians on our bill.

We believe that the highest quality of music and style is what keeps the party going throughout the day and into the night.

On our travels around the world on the hunt for the best musicians new and old, we kept on coming back to the deep south of America. It’s passion and love of not just Rhythm and blues, Americana and country music, but for food & drink, good times, and more importantly life, made us stop, think and start enjoying things just a bit more.

We miss a good ol’ rack of ribs soaked in Bourbon, spinning our girls round dancing, listening to a man sing his heart out on a guitar made out of an old cigar box.

It’s a long way from Suffolk to enjoy the sounds and smells of the deep south, so we thought, why not, let’s try and recreate it in the heart of the Suffolk countryside. It’s early days for us, but we hope you will join us and grow with us on our little adventure.