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Friday Little Red Rooster & AMA collaboration

Apr 24th, 2019

As promised we’re very proud to announce the Friday line-up of the Little Red Rooster stage. The line-up is in collaboration with the Americana Association UK (AMA-UK) and curated by the New York Songstress, Sunny Ozell. It comes with a very important message and an action that we are honoured to support at Red Rooster.

“AMA-UK were really excited to be asked to do something special at Red Rooster Festival - to curate a PRS Keychange inspired stage. This is a pledge with PRS that AMA-UK have signed to, to have 50/50 gender balance on line-ups by 2022.  We are really delighted to have been given this opportunity to share awareness of Keychange by the Red Rooster team. We have teamed up with the American artist Sunny Ozell to host and curate the lineup and shine a light on the strong female representation in this genre. It’s not just about giving opportunities to female artists but also demonstrating to audiences that women are equally valid on festival line-ups and for aspiring female artists to see those women on stage and be inspired.” - Stevie Freeman CEO Americana Music Association UK

"I am extremely proud to be a part of the Americana Music Association UK / Key Change stage at the Red Rooster festival.  Right in step with the changes we're seeing in all walks of life (from business to the film industry to government), Key Change aims to reach a 50/50 balance of gender representation in the music industry, particularly at festivals.  I've been a musician, and a woman, all my life.  I could talk about what that has been like, but wouldn't it be better to hear me express myself through my music and my craft?  Representation matters--when diverse voices are given a platform to be heard, the full richness of the human experience just might be within our grasp.  Come to the AMAUK Keychange stage and take in the power of women's voices." – Sunny Ozell

Friday’s Little Red Rooster line-up, includes boundless female musicians such as Birds of Chicago, with their sparse and ethereal mix of country and blues, Carson McHone who plays from her incredible album “Carousel” which Rolling Stone Magazine selected as one of the “40 Best Country and Americana Albums of 2018,” and Fiona Bevan, a British-Canadian songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Suffolk, with a sweet, fiery voice and who went in at Number 3 in the iTunes singer-songwriter chart in November 2018.

They will be joined on the Friday’s lineup with Sunny Ozell, Lucy Kitt, Jambalaya Band, The Southern Fold, William The Conqueror, Wookalily, Lisa Redford, Misty River and Martha Healy

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