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  1. Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for another wonderful Roostering weekend. My family have had a fantastic time together, listening to wicked music (king Salami just awesome!), hanging out with friends, and making some new ones. For me it is the absolute perfect little festival, and please keep up the great work! Congratulations to everyone involved. Can’t wait for next year already – I’m on the Rooster anticlimax til then x all the best from the Luck family x

  2. We’re suffering from post blues blues!
    Missing it so much.
    Best weekend of the year. Counting down to redrooster2018 already.
    Thanks so much

  3. Thank you for a such a lovely experience, we had a wonderful time. My partner would like to apologise to an unknown man that he insulted at the end of the night Saturday. It was totally uncalled for and he is extremely sorry for what was said. Alcohol paid a huge part in this but it’s still no excuse for his actions and for being rude.

  4. Count down now and am so excited! My fourth year, be interesting to see what’s different in 2017!
    See you all this Thursday Roosters

  5. Dear Red Rooster,

    Thank you for another fantastic weekend, this was my third year and it’s really brilliant I just hope and pray that it won’t get any bigger, it’s special, unique and you have it just right – thank you

  6. What a wonderful festival! Thanks to all involved in the organisation. We such a fantastic weekend, such beautiful grounds, great sounds and lovely people. We’ll certainly be back next year.

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