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Olly’s Fish Shack

Olly's Fish Shack specialise in gourmet fish to go – it’s off the hook!

They believe there is a craft to a perfect mouthful. Their menu includes:

Southern Style Fish Fry - Prime fillets of fresh local fish in a super light batter or Grilled shrimp with green onion hush puppies, house slaw, pickles and skin on fries.

Fish & Shrimp Subs

The Cilantro Dave - Lightly fried fish fillet or Grilled Shrimps with house hot sauce, lime aioli, fresh coriander,  crisp lettuce and fresh lime.

The Classic - Homemade tartar, crisp lettuce and lemon

The Sole Boy - Fish & Shrimp, House slaw, cajun mayo, hot sauce, crisp lettuce and fresh lemon.

Skin on & Cajun fries

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