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"One of the top 5 Street food vendors in London" – Chicago Tribune

The Colonel aims to bring traditional Creole and Cajun cooking to a market where it is criminally under represented. Bringing Gumbo, Po’Boys and some delectable sides to the party, you’re sure to fall in love with the cuisine just as much as we have.


Smoked sausage and barbecue chicken gumbo Prawn, mussel meat and whitefish gumbo Mixed spiced vegetable gumbo (V) Prawn and Chorizo gumbo Duck & Oyster Gumbo Sweet Potato, Apple, Cranberry & Pecan salad (V) Chilli Cornbread (V) All dishes come with rice

All ingredients are made with locally sourced produce where possible to maintain freshness and keep the money in the local economy. The majority of cooking is done on site, to offer a product to the customer that is as fresh as it can possibly be.

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